I’ve always been interested in woodworking, I just never had the equipment and space. I always thought you need table saw, jointer, surface planner, routers and gobs of other expensive machines to do it.

A while back I found the YouTube channel of a guy named Paul Sellers. Paul is an old school furniture maker and does so using primary I’ll hand tools. Now he runs a woodworking school and publishes books and tons of social media content (blogs, and videos). His series of videos on making a joiners mallet inspired me to give it a shot. I borrowed a couple hand planes from my dad, and bought a cheap set of chisels from Harbor Freight and went to town.

I quickly found out if I want to do stuff like this, I need a workbench much better than my little Black and Decker workmate.

I decided to build a Roubo style workbench. I was going to make it out of cheap framing lumber, and I was going to do it with mostly hand tools.

Fast forward to now. I have a pile of lumber in my basement, and cleaned out a corner.