Repainting and Band Aid

During the last week I fixed the red lacquer on the back and sides of the guitar that was ruined when I steamed the neck loose. It came out pretty good, but you can definitely see the scar. Pictures are below.

Speaking of scars… I decided my lacquer repair boo boo needs a band aid to make it better.

I went to Michael’s and bought some water slide paper that you can print on with an ink jet printer. It makes the little decals that you soak in water and slide on the object.

Custom band aid decal

The base decal material is clear and common house printers are meant to print on material with a white background. My decal didn’t look good on a sweet red guitar.

No bueno

Amazon to the rescue! I bought some more waterslide paper that has a solid white background instead of clear and started over. The result looks great!

Water slide decal paper with white background
Band aid looks great!
The lacquer repair looks pretty good!

The band aid is a fun reminder of the path to get here.

Next step is 6-8 coats of clear on top of the band aid decal.