Neck Gluing Redux – Success!

I re-glued the neck last weekend and it seemed to be a success! After I unclamped the guitar, I strung out up and let it sit for a few days. The wood has spent most of its life being a tree, then it became guitar parts. I hear it’s important to let it acclimate to being a guitar. It’s been strung up for a few days now so the neck should be more set.

I adjusted the truss rod to put in a little relief (about 0.007″ at the 8th fret) and set the string height to about 4/64 to 5/64. I get a little bit of fret buzz at the 22nd fret, but that’s ok for now. All I really wanted to see is if it would set up nice and it will be fine and dandy!

Next step is to fix the paint job this weekend and then do the wiring.


Here are some photos.

String height looks good which means the neck angle is good. The bridge is up about 1 turn.
My poor paint job ☹️
Still looks sexy from the front!