Major Guitar Surgery

So I played around with the guitar all week and decided I don’t like to play it with the neck angle too steep. Sooo…..

Time for major surgery. Spoiler, it went as good as I could hope.

I used Titebond original glue which is water soluble and softens with heat. So it seems getting hot water to the glue joint is the thing to do. Luckily, the wife has a nice clothes steamer I could use.

I took all the electronics out (I want to rewire anyway) so I could get access to the neck joint.

I need a way to get steam into the joint between the neck and the body. So I bought a 12″ long drill bit and drilled some holes.

After that, I used my wife’s steamer and some small towels to heat and steam the neck and body joint.

I didn’t take any photos of the steaming because o was home alone and I’m not an octopus.

After about 30-40 minutes I got the joint hot and wet enough for the joint to release. There was no structural damage to the neck or body. Yay for me!

Although I won the war, there was a casualty. The lacquer got pretty messed up from the heat and steam. I should be able to repair it, but it’s a bummer for sure. Scars tell stories, and this is a good one.

This week I will work on the neck angle and repair the lacquer. Stay tuned!