Gluing The Neck (Part Deux)

The neck is glued in (again)! Hopefully this is the last time anyone ever see the pieces apart! 🤞

This time I used “hide glue” for the joint. This type of glue is traditional for making musical instruments, especially on parts that need to be repaired in the future. It is plenty strong, and also can be taken apart fairly easy using heat. If o used hide glue the first time, I prolly wouldn’t have messed up the lacquer trying to get it apart.

Hide glue is made of animal leftovers like skins and hoofs (think of the old cartoons where they sent the horse to the glue factory). It comes to me in a crystal form that needs to be mixed with water to re-hydrate it. Before use, it needs to be heated to around 140°F before applying. You need to act quick when applying it and clamping the wood because once it cools down a bit, it’s too late and you have to start over. This page has a lot of info about hide glue.

The gluing went well I think and the guitar is clamped to my workbench until tomorrow.