Final Assembly (sorta)

I took the clamps off this morning and started the final assembly. I installed the pickups, finished the wiring, installed the pickguard and trussrod cover, installed the strap locks (Dunlop is my jam), and strung it up.

There are a few things left to do, I need some screws for the back plates, and the knobs don’t fit my pots unfortunately.

Overall I’m happy with the result, and it was a lot of fun getting here.

Wiring done (see below)
Child labor

It looks pretty good. Now for the bad parts…

The kit was supposed to be ready to go, but I had to do some surgery on the neck. Apparently, I didn’t do enough surgery
I think the angle is too steep because the bridge is WAY high.

The bridge is way too high.

Because the bridge is too high, the pickups are not close enough.

I’ll have to remove the neck to fix this, and it’s gonna be a giant pain in the ass. Not looking forward to this.

Also, I think I have a bad ground connection or something because o have a HORRIFIC buzz when it’s plugged into the amp. I’m not sure what kind of pickups are in it. I assumed they are humbuckers by the size and shape, but they only seem to have 1 set of magnets.

Soo… Looks like I’m gonna chase a wiring problem.