Guitar Kit Build

These are all the posts that are related to my guitar kit build. The oldest are at the top.

Less Paul

So I won an Amazon gift card and bought a guitar kit with it. The guitar kit is a clone of a Les Paul (based on the late 50’s model. The kit comes with everything needed to build a guitar. The neck is nearly complete and only needs to have the headstock shaped. The body […]

Ebony Headstock Plate

The guitar kit has a solid mahogany neck, but I wanted to have a ebony plate like the originals have. I needed to plane the headstock down a bit to make room for the 1/16″ ebony plate.

Headstock Shaping

The ebony plate glued on nicely, there are some gaps that need to be filled though. Now it’s time to add the “camel toe” shape to the headstock. I dew put a shape on a manilla folder and then transferred it to some blue tape. I cut the shape out with my dovetail saw, chisels, […]

Knobs Go To 11

I got some new knobs. They go to 11. They are 1 louder.

Grain Filler

The mahogany wood on the guitar body and guitar neck needs to be filled to smooth it out a bit (to make the painting easier). I used a product made specifically for this and mahogany wood. I also filled a chip in the ebony with some epoxy mixed with epoxy sanding dust.

Filling Another Gap

I found another gap in the headstock that needed to be filled with epoxy and sawdust.

Sanding Sealer

I sprayed all the wood parts that will be painted with sanding sealer. This fills the grain up with a thick coat of stuff that can be sanded off level. This makes a good base to paint on and prevents a ton of lacquer from absorbing into the wood.

Test Painting

I tried the ber and red lacquer put on a piece of maple I had. It looks pretty cool!

Spraying the Burst

Today is the day to spray the burst. I was super nervous about it looking shitty. Spoiler, it came out pretty good. The paint I bought is a cherry red sunburst finishing kit from stewmac. I wanted to spray the top first, so I masked off the sides with blue tape. Then I sprayed the […]

Spraying More Burst

After letting the burst dry for a bit, i determined I wanted to do a bit more… I wanted the perimeter a bit darker red. I wanted to fix the dark spots near the controls I sanded the dark spots a bit and took care of them pretty much. Then I sprayed more red. I […]